Hi, I’m Shawn.

I’m an undergrad at the University of North Texas, shooting for a B.S. in Computer Science in May 2019. I’ve designed and tinkered with programs as a hobby since I started writing my own SRL scripts in 2008, though the bulk of what I do these days is in C# and on the back end of various websites and apps.

I’m the developer of discord.sh, a Discord webhook interface for Bash. I write scripts here and there for the Slack team from /r/TexasRangers.

I’m an Eagle scout, class of 2010. I believe strongly in compassion, loyalty, teamwork, social justice, and altruism.

I raid for <Blessed Blade> on US-Fenris as tank, DPS, and heals. I’m also the guildmaster. We have two members, one of whom is my amazing significant other, who is way more into the game than I am.